28-year-old FALL FERRARA spends his days hustling as a construction foreman, and his nights attending twelve-step meetings in the church basements of New York City. Fall struggles since the fatal fall of his best friend BILLY, on the job two years prior, for which he is secretly responsible.


Fall’s brother summons Fall to help Billy’s widow CODY who has been arrested for a DWI. His shameful past aroused, Fall discloses the incident involving Billy to his sponsor AL, telling him of the unthinkable lie he told to authorities - that Billy jumped to his death. Al urges Fall to help Cody as it will do him good, to which Fall cowers.


Lashing out on the job, Fall is fired for his ego feeding reckless actions, leading him dangerously close to relapse. Fed up with the vicious cycle and eluding possibility to ever be free from his tormenting thoughts, Fall is convinced by his sponsor to do whatever it takes or risk certain death.


Fall returns to his suburban hometown and strained relationship with his District Attorney mother to get Cody off the hook. His mom unwilling to help, Fall reluctantly calls upon his law-school credentials (something he’s put behind him) to represent Cody, having her mandated to her own recovery.


Immediately violating parole, Cody returns to drinking. Seeing firsthand that Cody’s life is spiraling out of control, Fall commits to sponsoring Cody whom has little faith that she can ever move on. Fall learns that there’s more to Cody’s grief than just sadness from loss, as he grows closer to her. He digs for her secret, all the while not revealing his own truths about Billy’s death.